Transformer Ratio Tester-1

  • Transformer Ratio Tester-1
  • Transformer Ratio Tester-1
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Transformer Ratio Tester-1
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  • RDB-Ⅲ

In the production process of semi-finished and finished power transformers, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation, it is required to test the turn ratio or voltage ratio of the running transformers, so as to check the correctness of the turn ratio of transformers, the condition of tap changer, whether the transformers are short circuited between turns, and whether the transformers can operate in parallel. The traditional bridge reading is not intuitive, so the conversion can only be carried out phase by phase.
RDB-Ⅲ transformer turn ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of traditional ratio bridge test, which is easy to operate and intuitive. The TTR adopts three-phase precision inverter power supply, and has fast test and high accuracy

RDB-Ⅲ  Transformer Turn Ratio Tester

Product features:

1. Three phase precision inverter is used in the instrument to eliminate the harmonic effect of the mains voltage and make the measurement more accurate. When the working power supply is generator, there is no influence.

2. The three-phase output voltage is adopted to improve the test speed. The angle between phases can be measured, and the wiring group 0-11 can be automatically identified. For the low-voltage rectifier transformer measuring multiple windings, the low-voltage side can measure the transformation ratio and the angle deviation of 7.5°without removing the wiring.

3. It is suitable for a wide variety of transformers, especially for Z-type transformer, rectifier transformer, grounding transformer, electric furnace transformer, phase-shifting transformer, balance transformer, Scott transformer, reverse Scott transformer, etc.

4. High and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer turn to turn short circuit protection, tap changer opening and closing not in place protection, output full short circuit protection, increase the stability of the instrument.

5. After inputting the rated parameters, it can automatically measure the transformer ratio, error value and tap changer tap position, especially for the tap changer with asymmetric tap connection, it can also accurately measure the exact position of the transformer tap changer, which can measure up to 99 tap changer tap positions.

6. The TTR tester adopts 7-inch high-definition color touch-screen LCD with modular display, and each operation step has menu prompt, so the instrument operation can be completed only by looking at the LCD prompt without manual.

7. The TTR testing equipment has both printout, U disk interface and RS232 interface for paperless office.

8. The multi-functional engineering plastic box with cold and temperature resistance, sealing and waterproof, anti falling and anti shock is adopted for field test.

Product specifications and technical parameters:

1. Test range: variable ratio 0.9~10000, angle 0~360°

2. Ratio accuracy:

±0.1%+2 digital(0.9~500)

±0.2%+2 digital (501~2000)

±0.5%+2 digital (2001~10000)

3. Angle accuracy: ±0.2°

4. Resolution: minimum ratio 0.0001,angle 0.01°

5. Output voltage: automatically adjusted according to the load

6. Working power supply: AC220V±10%,50±1Hz

7. Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃

8. Relative humidity: ≤85%,no condensation

9. Overall dimension; host: 360*290*170(mm) cable box: 360*290*170(mm)

10. Weight: main engine 5kg  line box: 5.5kg 

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