RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator

  • RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator
  • RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator
  • RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator
  • RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator
RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month

It uses an industrial-grade 12.1inch touch-screen computer with a simple operating software interface to achieve human-machine interactive testing. It adopts industrial-grade integrated circuits and components and is equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery for stable and reliable performance and convenient use.
It is a specialized instrument for measuring and analyzing the status and fault distance of power cables. It combines modern electronic technology and computer technology to achieve signal filtering, acquisition, data processing, graphical display, and graphical analysis to complete cable speed measurement, cable length testing, and cable fault distance testing.
It is suitable for low resistance, short circuit, open circuit, and breakage faults of various materials of power cables, high-frequency coaxial cables, streetlamp cables, and buried wires with different cross-sections and media, as well as high-resistance leakage and high-resistance flashover faults.

    Product features and technical parameters:

1. 12.1-inch industrial-grade computer control, touch screen operation mode;

2. Windows operating system, super powerful cable management system, automatic generation of test reports;

3. With distance and speed measurement and other functions;

4. Data sampling rate: 60MHz, 120MHz, 240MHz;

5. Fully automatic and continuous sampling, never miss any discharge waveform;

6. Testing method: low-voltage pulse method, high-voltage flashover method;

7.Pulse amplitude: 400Vpp;

8. Pulse width: 0.1μs and 2μs;

9. Measuring distance: 64km;

10. Reading resolution: 0.1m;

11. The system test accuracy is less than 0.5m;

12. With massive storage function for the test waveform: the waveforms tested in the field can be conveniently stored in the instrument in a specified order for reference and observation at any time;

13. Built-in polymer lithium battery power supply: can work continuously for more than 4 hours after full charge. Fully meets field testing requirements. It can also be connected to an external AC power supply.

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