RDTBT Series Transformer Comprehensive Test Bench

  • RDTBT Series Transformer Comprehensive Test Bench
  • RDTBT Series Transformer Comprehensive Test Bench
RDTBT Series Transformer Comprehensive Test Bench
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month

The RDTBT series test bench is designed for testing power transformers, providing accurate no-load, load, and voltage tests with advanced microcomputer control, ensuring transformer reliability.


  • The RDTBT series transformer test bench is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for evaluating the performance characteristics of both power and distribution transformers. Its capabilities include testing the no-load and load conditions, as well as conducting frequency doubling induction and power frequency withstand voltage tests.

  • In terms of measurement, the RDTBT series transformer test bench is equipped with a high-end single-chip microcomputer control system that ensures precise and synchronized data sampling for no-load, short-circuit, and other tests. This design eliminates the potential for errors that can occur with traditional testing methods, which often involve separate readings from voltage meters, ammeters, and power meters followed by manual calculations.

  • The digital display provides clear and immediate feedback, enhancing the overall efficiency and accuracy of the testing process. This comprehensive test bench is an essential tool for ensuring the quality and reliability of transformers in various applications.


  1. User-Friendly Display: The bench features a large backlit LCD screen that offers clear and intuitive operation, with well-organized display categories for ease of use.

  2. Versatile Testing: It’s capable of handling a wide range of tests including DC resistance, transformation ratio group, no-load loss, load loss, AC withstand voltage, and induction withstand voltage tests for transformers with voltage levels from 10kV to 220kV and capacities from 10kVA to 10000kVA.

  3. Direct Readout and Printing: The bench allows for direct reading of voltage and current with digital displays or pointer meters, and it can print out the results of loss, transformation ratio, and direct resistance tests.

  4. Precise Pressure Control: A slow rise and slow drop function is included to facilitate accurate adjustments of pressure levels during testing.

  5. Audiovisual Alerts: The test bench is equipped with sound and light alarm systems to alert the operator, enhancing safety.

  6. Convenient Operation: The bench provides clear operation process instructions and easily accessible control buttons for a seamless testing experience.

  7. Optimized Display Design: The display and operation are thoughtfully categorized, ensuring a wide and clear viewing angle for operators.

  8. Flexible Gear Positioning: The position of the low-voltage transformer can be easily switched on the platform body, adapting to various testing requirements.

  9. Modular Test Loops: Each test loop can be flexibly switched on the platform, allowing for efficient customization of the testing process.

  10. Robust Safety Features: To ensure the safe operation of the equipment, the test system incorporates six types of protection: input protection, output protection, measurement protection, test product protection, voltage regulator zero protection, and interlock protection.


Model. No



Measuring range 1V ~ 500V, Accuracy: 0.1


Measuring range 100mA ~ 5A, Accuracy: 0.1


U*I, Accuracy: 0.2

Working frequency


Power factor

0.050 ~ 0.999, Accuracy: 0.2


45 ~ 65Hz, Accuracy 0.1

Test voltage

Uab, Ubc, Uac

Test current

Ia, Ib, Ic

No-load current Io%

No-load loss Po, load loss Pk

Impedance voltage UK, power factor PF

Three-phase voltage average U, three-phase current average I

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