Battery Testing Technical Support

  • 2102-2024

    Substation Battery Activation Time And Method!

    This piece discusses the critical role and activation methods of substation batteries. It highlights the necessity of regularly activating batteries to maintain their performance and describes the use of battery activators for this purpose. Additionally, it mentions the RD-IBC2612 Individual Battery Intelligent Regenerator, capable of conducting various tests and uploading data for computer analysis.

  • 2002-2024

    Learn How To Detect Battery Status In Substations In One Move

    The battery pack is the emergency power supply of the substation. In special circumstances where the AC incoming power supply disappears such as all substation transformers shut down or AC fault tripping in the station, the battery can ensure the normal operation of the AC and DC systems in the substation, effectively curb the expansion of the scope of the accident, and play a vital role in protecting the entire power supply. It plays an important role in the safe and stable operation of the system.

  • 2302-2024

    Application of battery charge and discharge tester in power system

    In the power system, the maintenance of batteries in substations is an indispensable part. Many batteries in substations need to undergo regular charge and discharge tests to ensure that they are in full-capacity floating charge operation at all times. So, what is the specific role of batteries in substations? ? How should it be maintained?

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