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    AC DC high voltage divider

    AC DC high voltage divider

    As an ideal equipment for high voltage measurement, this AC DC high voltage divider is mainly used for power system and electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing departments to measure power frequency AC high voltage and DC high voltage. The ac dc digital meter instrument consists of high voltage divider and low voltage display meter, which are connected by matching cables

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  • Three Phase Digital AC Volt-Ampere Meter

    Three Phase Digital AC Volt-Ampere Meter

    RDML-400A Three-phase Digital Phase Voltmeter can simultaneously measure three channels of AC current (range: 0.0mA ~ 20.0A), three channels of voltage (range: 0.00V ~ 600V), phase between voltage, phase between current, phase between voltage and current (range: 0.0 ~ 360.0 °), frequency, phase sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase between voltage and current vector sum, distinguish transformer wiring group, inductive circuit and capacitive circuit, test secondary circuit and bus differential protection system, read out the phase relationship between CT of differential protection groups, check whether the wiring of watt hour meter is correct, repair line equipment, etc. It adopts 2.8-inch TFT color LCD, all parameters are displayed on the same screen at a glance, and its sharp nose jaw is suitable for places with dense wires, which can meet the needs of different places

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  • Phase Sequence Tester Phase Detector

    Phase Sequence Tester Phase Detector

    RDXZ-2 Phase Detector is a major breakthrough in the traditional phase sequence detection method. In the traditional phase sequence detection, the terminal of three-phase wire should be stripped, and the three bare clamps or test pins of the phase sequence meter should be connected to the three bare live wires. Instead of stripping the wire and contacting the high-voltage bare live wire, the clamp type non-contact inductive measurement is used to directly clamp the three super induction and high insulation clamps to the three bare live wires. At the same time, Phase Sequence Meter indicates the positive or negative phase state of phase sequence of three-phase power supply. There are four powerful magnets on the back of the instrument, which can be hung on the distribution box. At the same time, the Phase Sequence Meter has the functions of live line inspection, simple power inspection, open circuit search, breakpoint positioning, line maintenance and so on. The detection is fast and convenient, and the display is clear at a glance, which greatly improves the safety of the field test, effectively protects the personal safety of the operators, and increases the productivity! Is three-phase power phase sequence, motor detection, line maintenance of the safety instrument

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  • Three Phase Watt Hour Meter Calibrator

    Three Phase Watt Hour Meter Calibrator

    RDJL-602 three-phase watt hour meter calibrator is specially designed for on-site inspection of high-voltage power grid metering device operation and fault detection. Due to the use of high-precision internal transformer and clamp type transformer for sampling, the operator can quickly, safely and reliably measure the meter recording error and wiring error. It provides an effective basis for the power system inspectors to check the electricity theft, leakage, find the fault of the metering device, correctly measure and recover the electricity. The calibrator adopts the popular ARM processor, 168m main frequency and 128M memory, and can expand 4G memory card. LCD adopts 7-inch high-definition color touch screen, combined with EMWIN display interface, which makes the instrument interface friendly and easy to operate. Three Phase Watt Hour Meter Calibrator can be operated on full touch screen without keyboard. The instrument supports the seamless connection between the file system and the computer.

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