Cable Fault Technical Support

  • 2806-2024

    Cable faults and troubleshooting techniques

    Once a fault occurs, it usually takes a lot of manpower and material resources to dig the cable out of the ground for troubleshooting. This type of troubleshooting method is most likely to cause problems such as low troubleshooting efficiency, long search time, and low test accuracy. This article will combine the work experience in recent years to explore the types of signal cable faults, the main causes, and the methods and techniques for finding cable faults using cable fault testers.

  • 1604-2024

    How to detect the breakpoint of wires and cables?

    The article outlines methods to pinpoint cable breakages in maintenance, such as using multimeters, electric pens, audio detectors, and cable fault testers. These techniques enhance repair efficiency, with a preference for non-invasive methods to protect cable insulation.

  • 2103-2024

    Common faults of high-voltage cables, how to repair?

    Explore the nuances of high-voltage cable failures in X-ray machines, including breakdowns, short circuits, and open circuits, and learn the meticulous repair process to maintain equipment safety and performance.

  • 2003-2024

    How to find cable faults?

    Discover the efficient cable fault testing system: Based on the principles of "thumping flash," it quickly locates cable issues and is widely used across industries to ensure electrical safety.

  • 1803-2024

    Causes and classification of cable faults

    This article explores the causes of cable faults, classifies them into various types, and discusses detection methods, aiding in efficient fault identification and repair for reliable electrical system operation.

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