AC DC high voltage divider

  • AC DC high voltage divider
  • AC DC high voltage divider
  • AC DC high voltage divider
  • AC DC high voltage divider
  • AC DC high voltage divider
AC DC high voltage divider
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  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RDCF-150kV

As an ideal equipment for high voltage measurement, this AC DC high voltage divider is mainly used for power system and electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing departments to measure power frequency AC high voltage and DC high voltage. The ac dc digital meter instrument consists of high voltage divider and low voltage display meter, which are connected by matching cables

RDCF-150KV AC/DC High Voltage Divider

AC DC high voltage divider

Product features

1.      High precision

Precision high-voltage film capacitor and precision high-voltage glass glaze resistor are adopted, with high input impedance, low test current and low power consumption, which improves the measurement accuracy and stability of the instrument;

In the signal processing part, high-performance OP is used for signal amplification, the latest double integral AD sampling technology is used, and four-and-a-half-bit liquid crystal display is used. The highest resolution reaches 0.001kv. It is an updated product of high-voltage electrostatic voltmeter.

2.      Good anti-jamming performance

Special shielding technology is adopted. The surface of aluminum alloy grading ball is smooth and glossy, which effectively improves the electric field distribution around the grading ball, prevents tip discharge and improves the anti-interference ability of measured data. The low-voltage display instrument is shielded by all metal enclosed structure, and the high-voltage divider and low-voltage display instrument are connected by high-quality coaxial cable to reduce the influence of high voltage on the indication, so as to achieve high stability and high linearity.

3.      Safe and reliable

The AC DC high voltage divider instrument is composed of high-voltage divider and low-voltage display instrument. The high-voltage divider is filled with DuPont filling material and sealed by special process. It has smaller structure, lighter weight, minimum internal partial discharge and higher reliability. There is no oil leakage. When working, the high voltage divider and the low voltage instrument are connected by coaxial cable, and the high and low voltage parts are far away, so the work is safe and reliable.

4.      Simple operation 

Using dial switch to switch high and low voltage, AC and DC, convenient and fast. Four-and-a-half-digit liquid crystal directly displays the measurement results, which is simple and intuitive. It brings great convenience for on-site detection work.

5.      Easy to carry about

AC DC high voltage divider adopts portable structure. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy packing box, which can be easily disassembled. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, very convenient to use.

Product specifications and technical parameters

Divider impedance

1800 MΩ

Voltage class of voltage divider

AC150kV     DC150kV

Display meter range

Low0-20kV  High0-150kV

AC measurement mode

True RMS measurement


AC1.0%   DC0.5%

Insulating medium

DuPont dry dielectric materials

Divider ratio


Connecting coaxial cable


ambient temperature







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