Substation Battery Activation Time And Method!


Battery Activation

Why does substation battery need to be activated?

01 The Role of Substation Batteries

The DC system of the substation is a battery pack composed of batteries. It is mainly used for emergency power supply and DC power supply for operating switches. If there is no battery, it means that in the event of a power outage in the entire facility, there will be no power supply and the high-voltage switch will not be able to operate. Therefore, batteries are used in substations as emergency power sources and DC power sources for operating switches.

02 Why Should the Battery Be Activated?

After long-term use, the battery capacity will gradually decrease. For example, the battery of our mobile phone can be used for a day when we just bought it, but it can only be used for half a day after a year. However, since the substation battery pack has been in a floating charge state for a long time, charging without discharging will cause passivation of the battery anode plate, increase the internal resistance, and reduce the capacity. To avoid emergency power failure, we must perform regular maintenance on the battery. In view of the different actual conditions of backward batteries, carry out capacity tests on backward batteries, low-voltage constant current charging, or set multiple cycles to charge and discharge the smallest capacity battery multiple times to activate the active materials that have failed the battery plates and activate the battery. , improve the capacity of backward batteries.

03 Battery Activation Method

Most substations use a battery activator to maintain the battery pack. This instrument can perform a cyclic charge and discharge process on a single or group of batteries to activate the internal chemical components of the battery. First, connect the positive and negative poles of the battery and the activator with wires. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles to avoid burning out the instrument.

Individual Battery Intelligent Regenerator

The battery cell activator is suitable for 2V, 6V and 12V batteries. It is a portable product dedicated to handling outdated batteries in daily maintenance. It has three independent modes of use: battery discharge mode, battery charging mode and battery activation mode. According to the different actual conditions of backward batteries, capacity tests, low-voltage constant current charging, or multiple cycle cycles can be set to charge and discharge the smallest-capacity battery multiple times to aggravate the active material that fails the battery plate and make the battery Activation to increase the capacity of outdated batteries. It is also equipped with PC application software to upload the collected data to the computer to facilitate various analyses.

Activation maintenance is the process of discharging the battery first, then the activation charging process, and then performs cycle charge and discharge on the battery. The cycle process should not exceed 10 times to avoid safety accidents caused by battery heating due to long charging and discharging time. The activator automatically records the full charge time and discharge time. Each subsequent charging time shall not be greater than the test charging cycle time. Set the test parameters of the activator battery voltage, battery capacity, charging voltage, discharge voltage, and number of cycles according to the battery nameplate information.

RD-IBC2612 Individual Battery Intelligent Regenerator 

RD-IBC2612 has 3 independent test methods: battery discharge, battery charge and battery activation. Focusing on the different situation of lag single battery, it can do a discharge test to estimate the real capacity, intelligently charge the battery, and set multiple cycles included discharge and charge to activate the lag battery. It can upload the discharge and charge testing data to PC. In the software you can analyze the quality problem of the lag battery. 

Battery Activation

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