Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits

  • Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits
  • Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits
  • Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits
  • Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits
Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits
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Elevate safety and reliability with our Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits. Automated, high precision, and ideal for challenging environments. Discover advanced insulation testing technology.


In the realm of insulation testing, Dielectric Loss Measurement stands as a fundamental technique, highly adept at efficiently identifying widespread moisture-induced deterioration and localized imperfections within theelectrical equipment insulation. Widely employed in electrical manufacturing, equipment installation, commissioning, and preventive testing, this method plays a pivotal role in assessing the insulation effectiveness of transformers, inductive reactors, capacitors, bushings, surge arresters, and more.

Our cutting-edge Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits breaks free from traditional bridge measurement methods. Leveraging advanced variable frequency power supply technology, it seamlessly incorporates a microcontroller and modern electronics for automated frequency modulation, analog-to-digital conversion, and data computation. Strong interference resistance, swift testing, heightened precision, complete digitization, and a user-friendly interface designed for seamless operation.


  • Fourier Transform Digital Filtering Technology:

The Capacitance Tan Delta Testing Kits employs advanced Fourier transform digital filtering technology to measure capacitance, dielectric loss, and other parameters. Achieve high precision in test results, facilitating automated measurements.

  • Variable Frequency Technology:

      Effectively eliminates on-site 50Hz power frequency interference, ensuring reliable data even in environments with strong electromagnetic interference.

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Display:

      This Tan Delta Test Kit Equipped with a full-touch, extra-large LCD display for user-friendly operation. The comprehensive graphical interface on the touchscreen provides clarity in every step, allowing operators to use the device without additional specialized training.

  • Data Storage:

      Internal calendar chip and large-capacity storage enable real-time result saving. Historical records can be easily accessed and printed at any time. Both the current and storage times are available for display and printing.

  • Advanced Data Management:

      Export instrument data via USB, allowing viewing and managing data on any PC using specialized software.

  • User-Friendly Operation:

      Simple operation controlled by a microprocessor. Once the appropriate measurement mode is selected, data measurement is automatically completed under microprocessor control.

  • Integrated Model:

     All-in-one design with standard capacitors and high-voltage power supply, facilitating on-site testing and reducing on-site wiring.

  • Reverse Wiring Low Voltage Shielding Function:

     In the case of grounding the 220kV CVT bus, the Tan Delta Test Kit allows non-disconnection 10kV reverse wiring dielectric loss measurement for C11.

  • AC Withstand Voltage Test:

     Capable of conducting AC withstand voltage tests for PT, CT secondaries, and 400V low-voltage systems.

  • Frequency Recognition:

     Identifies external high-voltage power supply frequencies from 40Hz to 70Hz, allowing the use of power frequency or series-resonant power supply for high-capacity high-voltage dielectric loss tests.

  • CVT Testing Function:

      Enables self-excitation testing for CVTs with settings for high-voltage voltage/current and low-voltage voltage/current with four protective limits, ensuring personnel and equipment safety.

  • Comprehensive CVT Testing:

      Automatically tests capacitance and dielectric loss values for C1 and C2, as well as total capacitance and dielectric loss values for CVT devices.

  • Built-in Thermal Printer:

      Equipped with a thermal printer for convenient on-the-spot test report printing, including a calendar clock and U-disk output.

  • Grounding Protection:

      Ensures the instrument does not enter normal operation or output high voltage when not properly grounded or in case of poor grounding.

  • Touch Protection Function:

      Immediately cuts off high voltage in the event of accidental operator contact, ensuring tester safety.





Cx ±(reading×1%+1pF); tgδ ±(reading×1%+0.00040)

Anti-interference index

Frequency conversion anti-interference, in 200% interference can still achieve the above accuracy

Capacitance range

Internal high voltage: 3pF60000pF/10kV; 60pF1μF/0.5kV

External high voltage: 3pF1.5μF/10kV; 60pF30μF/0.5kV

Resolution: maximum to 0.001pF, 4 significant digits

tgδ range

No limitation, resolution 0.001%, capacitance, inductance, or resistance can be automatically identified

Test current range


Internal high voltage

Voltage setting range: 100V~10kV adjustable, resolution 1V

Maximum output voltage: 200mA

External high voltage

UST test mode: Maximum test current 5A, frequency 40~70Hz

GST test mode: Maximum test voltage/current 10kV/5A, frequency 40~70Hz

Test frequency

Single frequency 40.0~70.0Hz, resolution 0.1Hz

Automatic dual variable frequency set at will (from 50±0.1Hz to 50±10Hz)

Automatic dual variable frequency set at will (from 60±0.1Hz to 60±10Hz)

CVT self-exciting low voltage output

Output voltage 3-50V, output current 3-30A

Measuring duration

About 40s, depending on the measuring method

Power Supply

220V AC, 50Hz ± 1%


RS232, USB


Mini-type thermal printer

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity



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