RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester

  • RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
  • RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
  • RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
  • RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month

RD9914B insulation withstand voltage tester is a safe and high-performance tester designed with high-speed MCUs and large-scale digital circuits.. The voltage rise and fall as well as the voltage frequency of the instrument are controlled by the MCU. It displays the breakdown current and voltage values in real time. And it’s also with the software calibration. Equipped with PLC, RS232C, USB interfaces, it is convenient to form a comprehensive test system with computer or PLC system. It can intuitively, accurately and quickly test the electrical safety performance indicators such as breakdown voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance and other electrical safety indicators of various measured objects.

RD9914B Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester

Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester

AC/DC Withstand Voltage Tester

Product features

1. 7-inch TFT (800*480) is adopted to display setting and testing parameters. It’s large current and capacity makes the display content rich and eye-catching.

2. The stored data can be copied via USB interface.

3. The high voltage rise and fall time can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different test objects

4. Test results can be saved simultaneously.

5. User-friendly operation interface supports digital button input and dial input. The operation is simpler.

6. Minimum resolution of DC current is 0.001μA.

7.  The PLC interface, RS232 interface and USB interface are its standard configuration.

Product specifications and technical parameters

AC withstand voltage test

Output voltage


Maximum output capacity

500VA (5.0kV 100mA)

Maximum rated current


Output waveform

Sine wave, DDS+

DC Withstand voltage test

Output voltage


Maximum output capacity

300VA (6.0kV 50mA)

Insulation resistance test

Output voltage


Measuring resistance


Precision:≥500V: 0.10MΩ-1.0GΩ   ±5%

1.0GΩ-50.0GΩ   ±10%

50.0 GΩ-100.0GΩ     ±15%

<500V: 0.10MΩ-1.0GΩ  ±10%

1.0GΩ-10.0GΩ  ±15%


Test range

AC:0.05 ~ 5.00 kV, DC: 0.05 ~ 6.00 kV

Test accuracy

± (1%+3 digits)


Test range

AC: 0~100mA, DC: 0~50mA

Test accuracy

± (1%+2 digits)




Minimum resolution


Testing time

0.1S-999S, OFF = Continuous testing

Arc detection


Output frequency


Communication interface



7-inch TFT 800*480

Power supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz

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