RD-8000 Battery Conductance Tester

  • RD-8000 Battery Conductance Tester
RD-8000 Battery Conductance Tester
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month

Battery Conductance Tester is a portable digital measurement device for testing lead acid stationary batteries health and aging condition precisely within seconds. With the help of this device, either single cells / blocks or large/multi group battery banks can be measured within a short time and the precisely measured data are processed and reported by given analyzer software automatically.

RD-8000 Battery Conductance Tester   

Battery Conductance Tester


1. Ergonomic, user friendly shape.

2. 5" touch screen display.

3. Immediate SOH (State of Health) battery status message.

4. Large capacity (12V/2400mAh) Lithium battery inside for 8 hours testing operation.

5. PC software for automatic data processing, trend analyzing and report. 

6. Delivered with testing clamp and testing probe for easy and flexible usage.

7. USB port for quick and easy download and PC communication.

8. Storage volume: 64MB Flash + 8G SD card.

9. Protective soft case with thick wall.


Measure rangeConductivity: 20~19990S; voltage: 0.000v-25v
Min. resolutionConductivity: 1S; voltage: 1mV
Measure accuracyConductivity: ±0.5% rdg ± 6 dgts; Voltage: ±0.2% rdg ± 6 dgts
Power supply11.1V,2400mAh, chargeable Li-battery
ConsumptionWork for 8 hours continuously
Storage volume 64MB Flash + 8G SD card
LCD 5" colour touch screen
Dimensions 220 x 170 x 52 mm
Weight 1.1 kg

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