Battery Charge And Discharge Tester

  • Battery Charge And Discharge Tester
  • Battery Charge And Discharge Tester
  • Battery Charge And Discharge Tester
Battery Charge And Discharge Tester
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RDBT-8606

RDBT-8606 battery charge and discharge tester, data acquisition with the latest wireless communication technology, through the wireless acquisition module can monitor the battery discharge process in real time, monitor the charge and discharge process of each battery, realize the whole process of online charge and discharge.


The battery discharge tester uses PTC ceramic resistor as the discharge load. IGBT control technology realizes the automatic regulation and monitoring of current, perfect protection function and the application of new materials, which completely avoids the red heat phenomenon and makes the whole discharge process safer.


1. Complete functions: set charge, discharge, activation, monomer detection, online monitoring in one machine, multi-purpose.

2. Safe and reliable: PTC ceramic alloy resistor is used as discharge load to avoid red heat phenomenon, high pure resistance, no ripple interference, multi-functional protection, full range monitoring, so that the whole battery discharge process is absolutely safe.

3. Intelligent and convenient: with large screen graphic LCD, 7.0 inch touch screen, graphical interface, easy to operate, easy to use. Intelligent single-chip microcomputer arm control, new IGBT technology and high-speed sampling are combined to realize continuous load control without gap, LCD Chinese and English display, and menu operation is simple and clear.

4. Complete communication: it has the dual functions of wired and wireless communication. The wireless acquisition box can communicate with the charging and discharging host through wireless way. The wireless acquisition box can monitor each battery and realize the whole process monitoring of the battery pack. The wiring is convenient and flexible. USB interface communication can realize real-time monitoring or data transfer after charging, discharging, automatic discharging or battery activation.

5. Powerful software: after the end of charging, discharging, automatic discharging or battery activation, the collected data can be transferred to the U disk, and then the data collected by discharging / charging can be transferred to the PC by the U disk. After being processed by the supporting data processing software, various charts can be displayed and printed.

6. Multiple protection: the product is equipped with emergency stop button, misoperation prevention measures, polarity reverse connection, short circuit, overheating, over-current protection, and can set the total voltage of battery pack, single battery voltage, charging and discharging time, charging and discharging capacity and other charging and discharging stop conditions.

7. Automatic identification: automatic identification of battery pack status and backward battery charging and discharging status within 10 seconds, automatic identification of maximum and minimum battery voltage, hierarchical warning and alarm.

8. Whole process monitoring: after checking discharge, the charging process of the battery can be monitored without dismantling the equipment, including the whole group charging voltage, single charging voltage and charging time. Perfect computer management, analysis and monitoring software, with powerful data processing function, adopts advanced mathematical model to comprehensively calculate and analyze multiple measurement results of battery, accurately judge battery performance, and query real-time operation status and historical data of battery, including various parameters, curves and reports.

9. Battery activation function: set the number of discharge and charge cycles to activate the battery pack

10. Calibration correction function: mainly calibrate the total voltage and current of the battery pack

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Product specifications and technical parameters:

Working power supply

AC three phase four wire 380V

Battery pack voltage





Charge and discharge current





Charge voltage





Discharge termination voltage





The accuracy of charge and discharge current


Current resolution

0.1A or 1%

The accuracy of voltage test


Communication Interface


Sampling interval


Working environment

humidity : 5%~90%; temperature: 0℃~+55℃

Cooling mode

forced air cooling

Note: all kinds of discharge meters with special specifications can be customized according to customers' requirements


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