Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter

  • Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
  • Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
  • Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
  • Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
  • Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
Manufacturer Digital Clamp-on Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meter
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RD3000B

The RD3000B ground resistance tester is designed and manufactured specifically for the on-site measurement of ground resistance, soil resistivity, ground voltage, and AC voltage in combination with the new lightning protection ground resistance test standard.
The test current reaches 20mA, using digital and micro-processing technology. Precise 4-wire method, 3-wire method, and simple 2-wire method for measuring ground resistance. Introduced FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology and AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) technology to automatically identify interference and select the measurement frequency to minimize the impact of interference. Provide More accurate grounding resistance.
Our Earth Resistance Tester has unique anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability, and it has good consistency in repeated tests to ensure high accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long-term measurement. The ground resistance meter is widely used in power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment, such as ground resistance, soil resistivity, ground voltage, AC voltage measurement

RD3000B Grounding Resistance Tester

Product features:

1. Special toolbox design for mainframe, using polypropylene plastic as raw material, one-time injection molding with new compound filler, low density, strength, stiffness, hardness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and insulation performance are superior.

2. Its box can withstand The pressure of about 200kg ensures high accuracy, high stability and high reliability in various environmental tests.

3. The host's large LCD display with backlight and bar graph indication is clear at a glance.

4. It can store 2000 sets of data. Through the data software, functions such as reading, checking, saving, reporting, and printing of historical data can be realized.

Product specifications and technical parameters:


Ground resistance, soil resistivity test; ground voltage, AC voltage test

Power source

DC 7.4V 1.8Ah rechargeable lithium battery, the battery is full of about 8.4V


Controllable white screen backlight, suitable for dark places

Measurement method

Precision 4-wire, 3-wire measurement, simple 2-wire measurement of ground resistance

Measurement method

Grounding resistance: rated current changing pole method, measuring  current 20mA Max

Soil resistivity: four-pole method (Winner method)

Voltage to ground: average rectification (between P (S) -ES interface)

Measuring range

Measure the ground resistance (R) with two, three and four wires: 0.000Ω ~ 30000Ω

Soil resistivity (ρ): 0.00Ωm ~ 9000kΩm

Ground voltage: AC 0.0 ~ 100.0V

Maximum resolution

Two, three or four wire method for measuring ground resistance (R): 0.001Ω

Soil resistivity (ρ): 0.01Ωm

Ground voltage: 0.1V


Two, three and four wire method for measuring grounding resistance (R):

± 2% rdg ± 5dgt (0.000Ω ~ 29.999Ω)

± 2% rdg ± 3dgt (30.00Ω ~ 2999.9Ω)

± 4% rdg ± 3dgt (3000Ω ~ 30000Ω)

Soil resistivity (ρ): according to the measurement accuracy of R  (Ρ = 2πaR a: 1 m ~ 100m; π = 3.14)

Ground voltage: ± 2% rdg ± 3dgt

Note: 1. The additional error at rC max or rP max is ≤ ± 5% rdg ± 5dgt. (rC max: 4kΩ + 100R < 50kΩ, rP max: 4kΩ + 100R < 50kΩ)

2. The additional error at 5V interference voltage is ≤ ± 5% rdg ± 5dgt.

Test voltage waveform

sine wave

Test frequency

128Hz / 111Hz / 105Hz / 94Hz (automatic frequency selection)

Short-circuit test current

AC 20mA max

Open circuit test voltage

AC 40V max

Electrode distance range


Gear shifting

Ground resistance: 0.000Ω ~ 30000Ω Full automatic shift

Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm ~ 9000kΩm Full automatic shift


LCD 6-digit LCD display, white screen backlight

LCD size


LCD display field


Measurement indication

LED flashing indication during measurement, LCD countdown, progress bar graph indication

Charging indicator

The indicator light on the charger is red when charging, and green when fully charged


Instrument size: 320mm × 275mm × 145mm

Outer package size: 400mm × 245mm × 335mm

standard test leads

4 standard test leads: 20m for red, 20m for black, 10m for yellow, 10m for green

simple test lines

2 simple test lines: 1.6m each for red, 1.6m each for black

auxiliary ground rods

4 strings: φ10mm × 150mm

Measurement time

Voltage to ground: about 2 times / second; ground resistance: about 7 seconds / time; soil resistivity: about 7 seconds / time

Measurement times

5000 times or more (short-circuit test, measure once, stop for 30 seconds and then measure)

Line voltage

AC 600V or less

Communication interface

With RS232 interface, the stored data can be uploaded to a computer, saved and printed

Communication line

1 string RS232 communication line, 1.5m long

Data hold

"HOLD" symbol indicates when data is held

Data storage

2000 sets, "MEM" storage indication, "FULL" indicates that the storage is full

Data review

"READ" symbol indication when reviewing data

Overflow display

"OL" symbol indication when overrange overflow

Interference test

Automatic recognition of interference signals, interference voltage is higher than 5V "NOISE" symbol indicates

Auxiliary ground test

With auxiliary ground resistance value test function, 0.00kΩ ~ 30000Ω (100R + rC <50kΩ, 100R + rP <50kΩ)

Alarm function

When the measured value exceeds the alarm set value, “beep--beep--beep--” alarm prompts

Battery voltage

When the battery voltage is low, the low battery voltage symbol is displayed to remind you to charge the battery.

Auto power off

Auto power off 15 minutes after power on

Working current

Standby: 25mA Max (backlight off); Backlight: 25mA Max (backlight power consumption alone); Measurement: 150mA Max (backlight off)


instrument: 2.66kg (including battery)

Total weight: 6.88kg (including packaging)

Tool box

Military tool box design, can bear 200kg

Working temperature and humidity

-10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; below 80% rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; below 70% rh

Overload protection

Measurement of ground resistance: AC 280V / 3 seconds between each port of C (H) -E, P (S) -ES

Insulation resistance

above 20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)

Withstand voltage

AC 3700V / rms (between circuit and case)

Protection class


Electromagnetic characteristics


Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61326 (EMC)

IEC61010-1 (CAT III 300V, CAT IV 150V, pollution degree 2);

IEC61010-031; IEC61557-1 (ground resistance); IEC61557-5 (soil resistivity); JJG 366-2004 (ground resistance table.


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