Cable Fault Testing System

  • Cable Fault Testing System
  • Cable Fault Testing System
  • Cable Fault Testing System
  • Cable Fault Testing System
  • Cable Fault Testing System
  • Cable Fault Testing System
Cable Fault Testing System
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RDCD-Ⅱ

RDCD-Ⅱ: Advanced cable fault tester with high-voltage signal generation and precise location for various cables and wires, featuring pre-locator, fault locator, and pipeline detection.


1.    RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator

  • RDCD-Ⅱ/5012Z Cable Fault Pre-locator is used for power cable fault pre-location.


2.  RDCD-II/5354Z Cable Test HV Signal Generator

  • RDCD-II/5354Z Cable Test HV Signal Generator provides high-voltage signal source for fault location and accurate positioning of power cables. The device integrates DC high-voltage source, energy storage capacitor and discharge ball gap. The device adopts special high-voltage electronic components with high accuracy and stability and high-frequency high-voltage technology, which makes the whole machine simple in structure and super light in weight. In order to keep people's habit of using transformers and operation boxes to generate DC high voltage, this pulse generator adopts humanized design and operation mode, which is safe and reliable, and is the ideal product we have always dreamed of for power cable fault detection.

      3. RDCD-II/503D Cable Fault Locator

  • RDCD-Ⅱ/503D Cable Fault Locator is to determine the location of cable fault point by acoustic-magnetic synchronization method. The electronic flashover generated by the high-voltage signal generator for cable test is picked up and amplified by the corresponding probe, and the accurate position of the fault point is determined by the auditory and visual judgment. The equipment that completes the accurate positioning of the cable fault point within the rough measurement range integrates acoustic magnetic time difference positioning technology, noise reduction technology, path auxiliary testing and other technologies, and provides various test modes and rich and varied prompt information to efficiently and accurately locate the cable fault.

4. RDCD-Ⅱ/507 Pipeline Detector

  • RDCD-Ⅱ/507 Pipeline Detector r uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect the precise direction and depth of underground cables, as well as to locate the open circuit, short circuit and skin fault points of cables. It can be used to find the path of cable (live or dead) and the fault of directly buried cable.


1.    RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator

  • Windows operating system, touch operation mode;

  • It has ranging, speed measurement and other functions;

  • Data sampling rate: 60MHz、120MHz、240MHz

  • Fully automatic continuous sampling, never missing any discharge waveformTest methods: flashover method, low-voltage pulse method

2. RDCD-II/5354Z Cable Test HV Signal Generator

  • It has automatic protection functions for overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating;

  • High voltage pulse output is uniform and controllable;

  • Super short circuit protection function, which can make high-voltage output work directly in short circuit to ground;

  • With current and voltage dual 1.5 level pointer meter display, it is intuitive and clear, and the impact discharge process is clear.

  •  It has zero start protection and potentiometer zero output function, which is safe and reliable;

  •  Unique high voltage measurement design, under the stop state, the voltmeter can indicate the capacitor voltage in real time;

3. RDCD-II/503D Cable Fault Locator

  • Acoustic-magnetic synchronous positioning technology is adopted to automatically calculate the acoustic-magnetic time difference and reduce the dependence on sound monitoring.

  • Background of noise reduction technology, effectively filter out the environmental interference noise and highlight the discharge sound at the fault location.

  • Combining the traditional acoustic measurement method with the advanced acoustic magnetic method, the operator can choose freely according to the usage habits.

  • The gain value and trigger value of acoustic and magnetic signals can be adjusted manually, which is more convenient for fixed point.

  • It has the function of route auxiliary indication, so as to avoid the offset of the route during fixed point.

  • Adjustable parameters, select appropriate filter parameters to suppress environmental noise.

  • 7-inch touch highlight LCD to ensure visibility in the sun.

  • Built-in large-capacity lithium-ion battery power supply, with fast charger.

  •  Compact, portable and light in weight.

4.   RDCD-Ⅱ/507 Pipeline Detector

  • Compass and direction display: visually display pipeline position and left-right direction.

  • Tracking error prompt: Measure the current direction, and eliminate the interference of adjacent lines.

  •  Real-time depth and current measurement.

  •  All digital processing, stable and reliable.

  • Compact, portable and light in weight.


1.      RDCD-Ⅱ/502Z Cable Fault Pre-locator

Equipment parameters

l  Pulse amplitude: 400Vpp

l  Pulse width: 0.1us and 2us

l  Measurement distance: Smax: 60km   Smin: 15m

l  Measurement error: absolute error of rough measurement ± 10m; relative error of rough measurement ± 1%

2.      RDCD-II/5354Z Cable Test HV Signal Generator

Equipment parameters

l  Impulse high voltage: 0~35kV

l  High voltage voltage division: voltage accuracy class 1.5

l  Built in capacitance: 4 μF

l  Discharge power: 2450J

l  Impact time: 1~10 seconds

l  Impact power: 400W (it can be customized)

l  Over temperature protection: 85 ℃

l  Working power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2Hz

l  Ambient temperature: - 20~+50 ℃

3.      RDCD-II/503D Cable Fault Locator

Equipment parameters

l  Acoustic synchronous fixed-point function:                          

(1)    Sound channel

Bandwidth: Full 100 Hz ~ 1500 Hz; Low pass: 100 Hz ~ 400 Hz;

High pass: 150 Hz ~ 1500 Hz; Band pass 200 Hz ~ 600 Hz.

Signal gain: 0 -7 adjustable.

Fixed point accuracy: 0.1m.

(2)    Magnetic field channel: 0 -7 adjustable.

l  Acoustic synchronous background noise reduction mode (BNR).

l  The bar chart of sound intensity indicates that the threshold of sound trigger (0 ~ 100) can be adjusted.

l  The bar chart of electromagnetic intensity indicates that the magnetic field trigger threshold (0 ~ 100) can be adjusted, and it has the function of magnetic field trigger prompt.

l  Acoustic magnetic time difference method positioning mode: waveform display, acoustic magnetic time difference display.

l  Path auxiliary test: the path direction can be indicated Cable Fault Pre-locatorby icons on the left and right sides of the cable.

l  Power supply:

Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery pack, voltage 8.4V, capacity 4.4Ah

Use time: continuous use time > 8 hours;

Charger: input AC 220v 10%, 50Hz; Nominal output 8.4V, 1A

Charging time: < 6 hours.

l  Display mode: 7-inch color LCD with 1024*600 resolution and touch function.

l  Volume: host 250mm×160mm×160mm.

l  Mass: 0.6kgof main engine; 1.4kg sensor.

l  Operating environment temperature: -25℃-40℃, humidity 5-90% RH, altitude < 4500m.

4.      RDCD-Ⅱ/507 Pipeline Detector

 Equipment parameters

l  Transmitter:

  • Operating frequency: low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency, radio frequency 50Hz

  • Antenna mode: wave trough method (vertical coil) and wave crest method (horizontal coil)

  • Sound indication: FM tone that varies with signal strength.

  • Current indication: shows the effective current value of the cable under test (unit: mA)

  • Operating temperature: -10℃ ~+55℃

  • Battery: rechargeable battery

  • Electric quantity indication: graphic display

  • Signal strength: ladder diagram, digital range 0 ~ 999.

  • Gain control: manual adjustment with a dynamic range of 100db.

  • Detection depth: the maximum detection is not less than 10m.

  • Maximum detection distance: the cable with good insulation can reach 15km in the direct connection method.

  • Depth measurement: Press the depth key to display three digits, and the maximum measurable depth can reach 2.5 meters.

  • Accuracy *: low frequency: (1 ~ 5) % ≤ 2.5m. Radio frequency: (5 ~ 12) % ≤ 2.5m.

  • * depends on the site environment, the shape of the non-concentric line, the number of adjacent pipelines and the return current of the soil.

l  Receiver:

  • Operating frequency: low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency and radio frequency.

  • Working modes: direct connection method, coupling method and induction method.

  • Load: 5 Ω ~ 3,000 Ω

  • Impedance display: five digits

  • Over current: automatic protection

  • Output: low gear, middle gear and high gear

  • Battery: rechargeable battery

  • Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃

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