Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester

  • Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester
Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RDTL-501A,RDTL-501B

RDTL-501A Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester: Precision on-site testing for HV lines with variable frequency and digital filtering for accurate measurements even in strong electric fields.


The RDTL-501A is a sophisticated Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester designed for on-site evaluation of power frequency characteristics in high-voltage transmission systems. Whether it's overhead lines, cables, or a combination of both, this device offers the precision needed for comprehensive analysis.

Integrated Design for Versatility, featuring a built-in variable frequency power module, the RDTL-501A Variable Frequency Transmission Line Parameter Tester is capable of adjusting the output frequency and voltage to match various testing requirements. This flexibility ensures that the instrument can adapt to different transmission line configurations.

Frequency Adjustment for Specific Needs, choose from multiple frequency settings: 47.5Hz/52.5Hz, 45.0Hz/55.0Hz, 57.5Hz/62.5Hz, and 55.0Hz/65.0Hz. This range allows technicians to simulate various operational conditions and accurately measure the response of the transmission lines.

Advanced Interference Mitigation, to ensure measurement accuracy in the presence of strong electric fields, the RDTL-501A employs digital filtering technology. This cutting-edge approach effectively reduces interference from power frequency electric fields, resulting in reliable data even in challenging environments.

Generator-Compatible for Emergency Testing, in situations where the main power supply is unavailable, the RDTL-501A can be operated using a generator. This feature is particularly useful for post-outage assessments, ensuring that power can be restored quickly and safely.


     Intuitive Interface

  • Experience user-friendly operation with a spacious 7-inch color touchscreen, providing a clear, menu-driven interface for seamless navigation through all functions.

      Portable Design

  • Engineered for mobility, this compact device is designed to be lightweight and effortlessly carried to any on-site location, ensuring convenience during field operations.

     Flexible Power Options

  • Enjoy the versatility of dual power sources. Connect to the standard 220V mains supply or utilize a single-phase generator (3kW or more) for testing in remote or emergency situations.Robust Anti-Induction Technology

  • Withstand high induction voltages with confidence. The RDTL-501A incorporates a unique anti-induction voltage circuit that resists up to 30A of induction current and operates reliably under 10,000 volts of induction voltage.

      Advanced Interference Rejection

  • Utilize the instrument's variable frequency power supply and digital filtering technology to mitigate power frequency interference, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements across various frequencies (47.5Hz/52.5Hz, 45.0Hz/55.0Hz, 57.5Hz/62.5Hz, 55.0Hz/65.0Hz).

     Powerful Processing

  • Rely on a professional-grade digital signal processor for swift and precise data handling, enhancing the instrument's operational efficiency without compromising measurement accuracy.

      Streamlined Connectivity

  • Simplify measurements with a single connection to the down lead, enabling the simultaneous measurement of positive and zero sequence impedance and capacitance, while minimizing the risk of induced voltage-related injuries.

     Chronological Data Storage

  • Store and organize test results with the built-in calendar chip and ample memory, allowing for the retrieval and printing of historical records at any time.

     USB Data Transfer

  • Export data seamlessly via USB to any PC for easy review, management, and the creation of comprehensive work reports.

     Grounding Detection

  • Ensure user safety and protect the instrument with the built-in grounding detection feature, which automatically checks for proper grounding and prevents operation if grounding is inadequate or not connected.





Utilization conditions

RH < 80%


-20℃ ~ 50℃

Anti-interference principle

Variable frequency method

Power supply



Generator ≥3kW

Power Output

Max. output voltage


Voltage accuracy


Max. output current


Current accuracy


Output frequency

50Hz, 60Hz, 47.5Hz\52.5Hz, 45.0Hz\55.0Hz, 57.5Hz\62.5Hz, 55.0Hz\65.0Hz


6 kVA

Measurement Range


0.01 ~ 30µF


0.01 ~ 400Ω

Impedance angle

-180° ~ +180°


Induced voltage/Induced current


0 ~ 30kV/0 ~ 50A

Measurement resolution





Impedance angle


Measurement accuracy


≥1µF, ±1%rdg ±0.01µF;

<1µF, ±2% rdg ±0.01µF;


≥1Ω, ±1% rdg ±0.01Ω;

<1Ω, ±2% rdg ±0.01Ω;

Impedance angle

±0.2°(voltage >1.0V);

±0.3°(voltage:0.2V ~ 1.0V);

Ability to resist induced current

Ia+Ib+Ic<30A, accuracy: 2%

Ia+Ib+Ic<60A, accuracy: 2%

Ability to resist induced voltage

Ua<10kV, Ub<10kV, Uc<10kV; accuracy: 2%

Ua<30kV, Ub<30kV, Uc<30kV; accuracy: 2%


100 groups, support U disk data storage

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