Transformer Dc Resistance Tester

  • Transformer Dc Resistance Tester
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Transformer Dc Resistance Tester
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  • RDZR-10A

The RDZR-10A transformer DC resistance tester is a necessary test item for semi-finished product, finished product factory test, installation, overhaul, change of tap changer, handover test and preventive test of power department in transformer manufacturing.
Our Transformer dc resistance test instrument can check the welding quality of the winding joint and whether there is inter turn short circuit in the winding, whether the contact of each position of the voltage tap changer is good, whether the actual position of the tap changer is consistent with the indicated position, whether the outgoing line is broken, and whether there is broken strand in the parallel winding of multiple wires. In order to meet the needs of fast measurement of transformer DC resistance, our company developed RDZR-10A DC resistance tester.
The Transformer dc resistance tester adopts new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability, perfect protection function and so on. The whole dc resistance test equipment is controlled by high-speed single-chip microcomputer, with high degree of automation, automatic discharge and discharge alarm function. The instrument has the advantages of high precision and easy operation, and can realize the fast measurement of transformer direct resistance.

RDZR-10A Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Product features:

1. The maximum output voltage of the instrument is 24 V, which is convenient to select larger test current when the resistance value is high, so as to improve the test speed

2. The Transformer dc resistance test instrument adopts new power supply technology, with many current ranges and wide measurement range. It can automatically select the current according to the load, which is suitable for the DC resistance measurement of small and medium-sized transformers and voltage transformers.

3. The Transformer dc resistance tester has multiple protection functions such as back EMF impact, disconnection and power-off during the test, overheat of power supply, etc. it can reliably protect the impact of back EMF on the instrument, and give an alarm simultaneously.

4. The Transformer dc resistance meter has the function of any temperature conversion of copper and aluminum materials, touch to input any winding temperature and conversion temperature.

5. Intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works in the minimum power state, which can effectively save energy and reduce heating.

6. High brightness 7-inch touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation, free switching between Chinese and English.

7. The Transformer dc resistance machine has its own calendar clock and power down memory, which can store 1000 groups of test data and can be consulted at any time.

8. The Transformer dc resistance testing equipment has Bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface for computer communication and USB data storage.

9. The Transformer dc resistance tester is equipped with a panel type micro printer, which can print the measurement results.

10. Download the special app, control the instrument through the special software, store and upload the test data for easy reference.

Product specifications and technical parameters:


Technical indicators and parameters

Test current


Measuring range

0.5mΩ~0.8Ω     (10A)

1mΩ-4Ω          (5 A)

5mΩ-20Ω             (1 A)

100mΩ-100Ω       (200mA)

1Ω-500Ω         (40mA)


100Ω-100KΩ      (<20mA)


Minimum resolution



7 Inch Touch color LCD, resistance display, significant number is 4

Data storage

1000 groups

Work environment

Ambient temperature:0℃~40℃, Relative humidity: <90%RH,no condensation

Power supply

AC 220V±10V,50Hz±1Hz(fuse 2A)

Maximum power consumption





host:6.7kg  line box:5kg

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