Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
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The Sweep Response Analyzer evaluates transformers (6kV and above) for faults and accidents. Actively test transformer deformation to prevent power system accidents.


The Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer is designed for assessing power transformers with a voltage grade 

of 6kV and above, as well as other transformers with unique functionalities. Power transformers aresusceptible 

to various faults, short-circuit currents,and physical accidents during operation and transport. The intense 

electro-dynamic forces resulting from such incidents can jeopardize the safety of transformer windings, leading 

to irreversible deformations like local distortion, swelling, or misplacement. These deformations cansignificantly 

impact the transformer's safe operation.

To address this concern. This involves analyzing the amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each 

transformer winding.By conducting a thorough and precise comparison of the detection results, it becomes 

possible to identify potential distortions in the transformer winding based on changes in 

amplitude-frequencyresponse characteristics. This proactive approach helps ensure the reliability and safe 

functioning of power transformers under various operational conditions and external influence.The Sweep 

Frequency Response Analyzer is specifically designed to solve this problem.


1. Characteristics of transformer windings are measured with frequency sweep method. Deformations of 

windings such as distortion, swell or displacement of 6kV and above transformer are measured by 

detecting amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each winding, not requiring lifting of transformer 

enclosure or disintegration. 

2. This Portable Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer Achieve quick measurements, gauging a single winding 

within 2 minutes.

3. Ensure high-frequency precision exceeding 0.001%.

4. Employ digital frequency synthesis for enhanced frequency security.

5. Portable Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer Ensure 5000 V voltage isolation, providing complete safety 

for the testing computer system.

6. Simultaneously fill 9 contours, automatically identify criteria for each curve, and diagnosewinding distortions 

for comprehensive diagnostic verdict.

7. The evaluation software boasts powerful functionalities aligned with national standards DL/T911-2016/


8. The software monitoring is user-friendly, requiring just one click to complete all measurements 

post-specification setup.

9. The software interface is concise and visually appealing, featuring clear menus for analysis, save, report 

export, print, etc.




Measuring Speed

1 min- 2 min for single-phase winding

Output Voltage

Vpp-25V, adjusting automatically in the test

Output Impedance


Input Impedance

1MΩ (the response channel is built with 50Ω matching resistance)

Frequency Sweep Scope


Frequency Accuracy


Frequency Sweep Manner

Linear or logarithmic, frequency sweep interval and number of sweep points are freely settable

Curve Display

Mag-freq. curve

Measuring Dynamic Range


Power Source

AC100-240V 50/60Hz


  Main Features of Test Analysis Software

1. Compatible with various Windows platforms, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

2. Utilizes a streamlined data source to efficiently store examination data, ensuring concise and easy information management.

3. Capable of loading and analyzing nine curves simultaneously, automatically calculating specifications for each curve. Additionally, 

the software can detect winding contortions and provide diagnostic recommendations.

4. Features robust software monitoring functionality, considering website usage demands. Measurement data is promptly saved 

and can be exported to generate test reports in Word format (requires relevant Office software installation) or as JPG image records 

for easy customer export.

5. Incorporates user-friendly, humanized features, minimizing the need for numerous inputs and simplifying overall operation.

6. Demonstrates a high level of intelligence, allowing users to complete all measurements with a single click after connecting 

input and output signals.

7. Presents a concise, vibrant, and logical software interface for an intuitive user experience.

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