Surface Tension Testing Equipment

  • Surface Tension Testing Equipment
  • Surface Tension Testing Equipment
  • Surface Tension Testing Equipment
  • Surface Tension Testing Equipment
  • Surface Tension Testing Equipment
Surface Tension Testing Equipment
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month
  • RDZL-321J

Our Surface Tension Testing Equipment applies the ring method to measure surface and interfacial tensions of various liquids. It's easy to operate and highly accurate, making it perfect for industries like power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and teaching to evaluate product quality.


The intermolecular force forms the interfacial tension or surface tension of the liquid. The value of the tension can reflect the physical and chemical properties of the liquid and its material composition. It is one of the important indicators for the related industries to investigate the product quality. The interfacial tension tester produced by our company is based on the ring method (platinum ring method) to measure the surface tension of various liquids (liquid gas interface)  and the interfacial tension of liquids (liquid liquid interface). This method is widely used because of its simple operation and high accuracy. Widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, teaching and other industries.


1. The original fast response electromagnetic force balance sensor is used to improve the measurement accuracy and linearity;

2. Only one calibration point is needed for instrument calibration, which solves the problem of multi-point calibration of previous generation sensors. The zero potentiometer and full range potentiometer are not needed;

3. Real time display of equivalent tension value and current weight (can be used as electronic balance for weighing);

4. Integrated temperature detection circuit, automatic temperature compensation for test results;

5. 240 × 128 dot matrix LCD with no identification key and screen protection function;

6. Historical records with time mark, which can store up to 255 records;

7. It is equipped with standard RS232 interface, which can be connected with computer to process test data easily;


1. Measurement range: 0-200mn / M

2. Accuracy: 0.1% reading ± 0.1 Mn / M

3. Resolution: 0.1mn/m

4. Sensitivity: 0.1mn/m

5. Power supply voltage: AC220 V ± 20% 50 Hz ± 10%

6. Maximum power consumption: 20W

7. Applicable ambient temperature: 10-30 ℃ (typical value: 25 ℃)

8. Applicable humidity: ≤ 85% RH

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