On-line Battery Monitoring System

  • On-line Battery Monitoring System
On-line Battery Monitoring System
  • Wrindu
  • Shanghai, China
  • about 25 days
  • 5000 set/month

The battery online monitoring and automatic maintenance system can precisely monitor the actual operating status of the online long-term floating charge battery pack as well as the total voltage, current, voltage of each single cell, internal resistance and negative electrode temperature. Without discharging, it can quickly locate the faulty battery in the long-term floating state of the battery, and accurately judge the reliability of the battery capacity. With the use of network, it can realize remote signaling, remote telemetering and remote control.

On-line Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System


1. Able to be independently networked to realize the comprehensive and unified intelligent management of the battery pack.

2. Each battery management module can monitor 1~4 sets of batteries at the same time, 1~300 batteries.

3. Real-time monitoring comprehensive data of  the battery pack and with high-speed data acquisition ability.

4. Intelligently analyzing and searching for the battery fault and providing warnings in advance.

5. With high internal resistance measurement accuracy.

6. With high maintenance efficiency, the voltage equilibrium degree is <20 mV.

7. With over voltage, over current and over temperature protection; the battery connections are used in flame retardant materials.

8. The customized wires are directly connected to the battery pole columns, and the installation can also be completed under constant charge.


Voltage monitoring range2V battery 0~3.000V; 12V battery 8.000~16.500V
Voltage monitoring accuracy0.05%, resolution: 1 mV
Internal resistance measurement range0~65535μΩ; accuracy: ≤2%; repeat measurement accuracy:  ± 1%
Range of current monitoring0 ~ ± 1000A (50A, 150A, 300A, 500A, 1000A is optional); accuracy: ≤1%; resolution: 0.1A
Temperature monitoring range-55℃~+125℃;  accuracy: 0.5℃
Voltage equalization degree<20 mV
SOC or SOH accuracy<10%
Data refresh speed<1s
Input insulation resistance≥10MΩ, 600V
SizeDisplay host: 198×140×46 mm (excluding wiring terminals and fixtures)
Data collector: 151×82×27 mm (excluding terminals and fixtures)
Single module: 90.5×54.5×20.6 mm (excluding terminals)
Work environmentTemperature: -20℃~60℃; humidity: 10%~80% RH, no condensation

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