cable outer sheath fault locator

  • RDCD-523W Cable Sheath Fault Locator

    The output voltage of the RDCD-523W cable sheath fault locator is 0~10kV adjustable, which is suitable for the cable sheath handover test and preventive test of the cross-interconnect system and the fault location of the cable sheath (with step voltage positioning method). The instrument can quickly and accurately find the cable sheath ground fault, high leakage current and other hidden dangers of the 10kv-500kv single-core and three-core high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cable. At the same time it can conduct 5kV~ 10kV DC high voltage withstand test on the high-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride cable sheath for 1 minute. It is a special instrument necessary for cable equipment maintenance of 10k V ~ 500kV single-core and three-core high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cable operating units, ultra-high-voltage cable engineering companies, and various power transmission and substation engineering companies.

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