Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

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    Transformer Winding Deformation Analyzer

    1. The RDRB-Ⅳ Transformer Winding Deformation Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer is used for power transformers with a voltage grade of 6kV and above and other transformers with special purposes. 2. Transformer Winding Deformation Analyzer are inevitably vulnerable to impulses from various fault short-circuit currents or physical collisions during operation and transportation. These impulses can exert powerful electro-dynamic forces on the transformer winding, potentially causing permanent deformations such as local distortion, swelling, or dislocation, which can severely affect the safe operation of the transformer. 3. Deformation of the transformer winding is measured using the frequency response analysis method, following the national standard DL/T911-2016/IEC60076-18 for the electric power industry. This method involves detecting the amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each transformer winding and making vertical or horizontal comparisons of the detection results to judge possible deformation based on changes in amplitude-frequency response characteristics.

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