transformer dielectric loss tester 10 kv

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    High Frequency Dielectric Loss Volume Resistivity Tester

    The anti-interference pilot frequency dielectric loss tester is a high-precision instrument for testing the dielectric loss tangent and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment in power plant, substation and other field or laboratory. The anti-interference dielectric loss tester instrument is an integrated structure with built-in dielectric loss test bridge, variable frequency voltage regulating power supply, step-up transformer and SF6 high stability standard capacitor. The test high-voltage source is generated by the inverter inside the instrument, which is used to test the tested object after boosting by the transformer. The frequency can be 45Hz, 55Hz, 55Hz, 65Hz, 47.5 or 52.5Hz. The digital notch technology avoids the interference of power frequency electric field on the test, and fundamentally solves the problem of accurate measurement under the interference of strong electric field. At the same time, Capacitance&Dissipation Factor Test Set is suitable for the situation of power supply detection by generator after all power failure.

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