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  • Battery Charging Instrument

    Over discharge, over charge and long-term under charge of the battery will lead to premature aging of the battery plate and shorten the service life of the battery. In order to avoid this kind of situation and prolong the service life of the battery, under the condition that the electrical characteristics of the equipment and the supporting battery remain unchanged, choosing different types of chargers has become the key factor to prolong the service life of the battery. In order to meet the market demand, our company has continuously increased the investment in R & D and design for many years, and developed the intelligent battery charger with small volume, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, fast charging speed and high efficiency. RDBT-8607 single battery charging instrument and intelligent charging technology are designed for the purpose of prolonging the service life of the battery and charging the battery in time, aiming at the shortcomings of the power frequency charger. Compared with the power frequency charger, battery charge instrument can significantly prolong the service life of the battery, and completely achieve the fully automatic working state without manual duty, especially suitable for unattended charging occasion.

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