Inductive load Dc resistance tachometer

  • DC Resistance Tester 40A

    RDZR Series Transformer DC Resistance Tester can be used for semi-finished products, finished product factory test, installation, overhaul, after changing tap changer, handover test and preventive test of power department. The DC Resistance Tester can check the welding quality of winding joint and whether there is inter turn short circuit in winding. Transformer Direct Current Resistance Tester can detect the contact conditions of each position of voltage tap changer and whether the actual position of tap changer is consistent with the indicated position, whether the outgoing line is broken, and whether there is broken strand in multi strand conductor parallel winding. In order to meet the needs of fast measurement of transformer DC resistance, our company developed RDZR-40A DC Resistance Tester. The DC Resistance test instrument adopts new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability, perfect protection function and so on. The whole DC Resistance test machine is controlled by high-speed single-chip microcomputer, with high degree of automation, automatic discharge and discharge alarm function. The DC Resistance test instrument has the advantages of high precision and easy operation, and can realize the fast measurement of transformer direct resistance.

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