Earth Leakage Tester

  • Transformer Iron Core Earth Grounding Leakage Current Tester

    The RD8100B transformer core grounding current tester can measure the transformer core grounding current and leakage current online (range: 0.00mA~100A).The current clamp is made of magnetic shielding material with strong anti-interference ability. The inner diameter of the clamp is 80mm×80mm. It can clamp cables or ground wires below Φ80mm or 96mm×4mm Flat steel ground wires. It is not necessary to disconnect the measured line, that is, to measure the line current.The instrument is equipped with 3.5-inch color touch LCD screen, two operation modes of touch and button, real-time display of measured current size and waveform, alarm threshold setting and alarm indication function, setting automatic shutdown function.The normal operation of the transformer core is single point grounding. If two or more points are grounded at the same time, a current loop will be formed between the core and the earth, and the maximum current can reach tens of amperes, which will cause local overheating or even burning of the core.The instrument can find the latent fault of transformer as soon as possible, and is one of the main tools to ensure the safe operation and normal maintenance of transformer. It is mainly suitable for leakage current test of iron core and clamp of transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment in substation and power plant

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