Working principle and process of vacuum oil filter


Vacuum oil filter is a common liquid filtering equipment. Its main function is to filter and dry the liquid under low pressure by placing it in a vacuum container to remove impurities, moisture and gas. This article will introduce the working principle and process of vacuum oil filter in detail.

Vacuum Oil filter Machine

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1. Working principle 

This machine adopts molecular adsorption, vacuum drying, mechanical filtration and other technologies based on the principle of decompression separation and precision mechanical filtration. 

The vacuum oil filter is a single complete machine without any auxiliary mechanical equipment. It uses the vacuum drying principle of the saturated temperature curve of oil and water to perform three-dimensional, multi-level rapid and efficient oil-water separation. It adopts multi-level large-flux deep-level precision filtration technology. The treated oil meets the national standard for use.

2. Workflow 

The oil to be treated passes through the first-level coarse filter and enters the heater for heating. The heated oil passes through the second-level filter to the spiral spray atomization system. The oil becomes coarse mist and falls on the reaction tower into the vacuum separation chamber. The water begins to evaporate, and the oil mist forms a three-dimensional, multi-level evaporation structure in the tank. Through a short cycle, the purification purpose can be achieved. 

After impurities are removed, dehydrated, degassed, and deacidified, the oil products pass through the precision filter under the action of the oil pump to complete an oil purification cycle. The water vapor and hot air separated from the vacuum separation chamber enter the condenser, and most of the water vapor condenses into water and is stored in the water storage tank, and discharged outside the machine. The hot air in the oil is discharged by the vacuum pump after cooling.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

3. Advantages of vacuum oil filter

Compared with the traditional oil filtering method, the vacuum oil filter has the following advantages:

  1. High oil filtering efficiency: The vacuum oil filter adopts fine filters and vacuum evaporation technology, which can effectively remove impurities, particles and water in the liquid, and improve the oil filtering efficiency.

  2. Large oil filtering area: The vacuum oil filter is equipped with a large area filter, which effectively increases the oil filtering area and processing volume, and reduces the frequency of filter element replacement.

  3. Easy to operate: The vacuum oil filter is easy to operate. You only need to put the oil to be treated into the equipment, turn on the power, set the appropriate temperature and vacuum parameters to start filtering the oil.

  4. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of the vacuum oil filter is low because it uses physical filtration and vacuum evaporation, does not require the use of expensive filter materials such as chemicals, and the equipment has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

  5. Oil service life: The vacuum oil filter can effectively remove impurities and moisture in the oil, thereby improving the quality and stability of the oil and extending its service life.

  6. Improve equipment performance: The viscosity, fluidity and other indicators of the oil treated by vacuum oil filtration are improved, which can improve the operating efficiency and stability of the equipment.

Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier


When using the vacuum oil filter, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Before operation, you need to check whether the equipment is in good condition to ensure safety.

2. During operation, be careful not to exceed the rated pressure and temperature range of the equipment.

3. Select the appropriate filter material and precision to achieve the best filtering effect.

4. Be careful to prevent overflow when putting in liquid.

5. Do not touch high-temperature parts directly during operation to avoid burns

In short, vacuum oil filter removes impurities, moisture and gas from liquid through vacuum filtration principle, and is widely used in power, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other fields. When using, it is necessary to strictly abide by the operating procedures to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

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