high voltage lithium battery discharger

  • RDLI-8006CT High Voltage Lithium Battery Discharger

    RDLI-8006CT High-Voltage Lithium Battery Discharger is designed for the rapid discharge requirement of high-voltage lithium battery packs. The discharge voltage can reach 800V. It is equipped with a CAN data bus, which can read battery cell data during discharge. It is an ideal device for battery manufacturers and automobile assembly plants to quickly discharge battery pack during storage, transportation, repair and battery recycling.

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  • 2302-2024

    Application of battery charge and discharge tester in power system

    In the power system, the maintenance of batteries in substations is an indispensable part. Many batteries in substations need to undergo regular charge and discharge tests to ensure that they are in full-capacity floating charge operation at all times. So, what is the specific role of batteries in substations? ? How should it be maintained?

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